Wednesday, April 30, 2008

[Insert heroic theme song here]

1. Barbie: My mom had a Barbie when she was younger, and she tried really hard to get me to play with them. I wasn't much of a pretender, so I mostly just set them up in elaborate beach scenes or whatever and left them until I was forced to clean them up. Most people that grew up playing with Barbie don't have a problem with the way she looks, they can only remember the good memories. Many other people blame Barbie for creating the image of a "perfect" body, (in reality would be physically impossible to be those proportions). Compared to other new dolls such as the Bratz series, Barbie looks very innocent. She has had over 60 occupations, inspiring young girls to be whoever they want to be.

2. Cookie Monster: Lately, there has been some controversy over Cookie Monster's eating habits. When I was younger, I envied him, and wished I could eat as many cookies as he does. The fact that he eats many other things, including a typewriter in the Sesame Street Christmas movie, reminded me that if I ate that much that fast, I was bound to accidentally consume something inedible. Cookie Monster demonstrates very well our country's need for instant gratification. I think that he played too big of a role in the earlier days of Sesame Street to be removed now, and he allows for discussion about consumption habits in the United States.

3. I've always been impressed by Indiana Jones. I know that those action movies are supposed to be more of a "guy thing," but I would much rather be the one going on adventures than left behind for safety's sake. Indiana Jones has incredible luck, and somehow always seems to know where the spears are going to pop out of next. Combine that with his incredible fighting skills and ingenuity, and you've got the perfect crime fighter. I'd rather watch his movies instead of movies like The Notebook (I'm probably going to get a fair amount of angry comments for saying this, but it's my blog. Deal.) where the plot moves much more slowly, and the story ends tragically. I'd so much rather think that Indiana Jones is going to die six times, and then watch him live. While I see a pattern of male dominance in his movies, I find his personality very intriguing.


Ashley said...

I <3 the cookie monster!!!!
I want cookies!

um... I never played with Barbies either!!! WOOOOO we rule! hehe

Ashley said...
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